Your Dreams Can Come True Too​
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Empowerment Counsellor &
​Healing, Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium
(Services in Wollaston in Northamptonshire and nearby areas)​

 I will understand your past, believe in your future & appreciate the way you are now 

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of ALL  the POINTLESS DRAMA and the PEOPLE WHO CREATE IT....  ....and instead... surround yourself with people who make you LAUGH SO HARD that you forget the bad and FOCUS SOLELY ON THE GOOD. After all.... LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY!!!  
Hello, my name is Jane Crystals and welcome to my website !!!!

I help people to improve their lives by recovering from or coping with illnesses, disabilities or the results of traumas or personal atrocities. I am a qualified Hospital and Community Play Therapist Consultant and Social Worker in childcare, disabilities and special needs.  I have created my own business to help heal others of all ages with these skills, coupled to my gifts as an Empowerment Counsellor and Healing, Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium.  I offer therapeutic support for all disabilities, brain injuries, phobias and challenging behaviours.  My unique combination of services and my own medical experiences allow me to personalise the treatments and support required for each unique circumstance and to address a wide range of physical, mental and spiritual situations. Where traditional medicine may have failed, ​I use a mix of counselling and healing skills, coupled with my psychic gifts, to "clear  out the toxins" and get people to have fun as they overcome genetic or birth issues or as they recover from acquired illness, trauma or hospital stays, particularly relating to brain injuries.

I have worked with special-unit babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and young adults with learning difficulties, illness and disability. I also express my feelings to motivate others through poems that I create which can be found by clicking here
“Amongst my qualifications I am a trained hospital and community play therapist consultant, and a special needs and protection social worker. When doctors gave me the chance to live my miracle recovery was achieved by the all-natural remedies and healing therapies that I now use to help others"     Jane Crystals

Look below at how I recovered from diagnosis with terminal illness in 2009 to who I am today, almost fully recovered
Terminally ill 2009                          Healed 2016 via
​On Medical Drugs                           Natural Remedies